Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Travel: Where am I same day last year (12 Oct 2004)

My 2004 trip to Korea Seoul. it was my 2nd Day and I was preparing trip to Mt Sorak the next day.

Getting my Bus Ticket to Sokcho, travelling during midnight to Sokcho and then catch the first Bus from Sokcho to Mt Sorak National Park.

My Trusty Guidebook (borrowed from library) & Bus Ticket; Bus Ticket Lady was kind to write a note on the Platform Number (i.e No. 16) to board the Bus. After that, it's train trip straight to Suwon City to visit the Fortress

Well, it's a long walk around the fortress which offers paranomic view of Suwon City

Before heading back to Seoul, happened to pass by a market which sells Piggy head, jellied meat and Blood Sausage (as shown below). Wasn't in a good mood to try after the long walk around the fortress.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks quite yucky, doesn't it? So, did you taste that blood sausage(Korean name is Sundae)??^^;; That sausage is not a reall pig's gut. (I haven't tried real one, but I heard reall one is very delicious, nutritious and very very expensive!! :) )

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ryan commented.. ^^

3:05 PM  
Blogger slurp! said...

Sundae in korea? but what really it's made of, i'm really curious??

I almost tried. but something happen. the lady boss, on seeing me holding a heavily souped up camera, have asked to take a photo for her.

I obliged. She then showed me her photos as she was younger.

I obliging commented that she is pretty.

then she started glancing at me with her most flirtatious eyes.

And that's the time I realise I have to make a quick exit

hehehe ....

1:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

[The word sundae is spelled the same way as the English word "sundae- ice cream" but it contains no ice cream and it can be eaten andy day of the week. Sundae is sort of the korean version of chitlins, it's pig's intestines stuffed with a variety of delicious foods, including pig's blook, well maybe that's not so delicious-sounding, but also rice, chopped onions, and some garlic and noodles. It's then sliced up and then steamed, and it might be served along with some slice pieces of lung or liver. A cheaper variety of this is found at street vendor carts, and it's very, very popular.] quoted by Guide to Korea.

The lady boss must be crushed on you! hehehe~

9:03 AM  

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