Thursday, December 01, 2005

Banner: Dec 2005

Another new month, another new banner. And December being XXXtra merry month, rightfully, I should put up some XXXtra merry banner. Perhaps night scene of Orchard Road glittering décor or even the annual artificial “snow” event at Tanglin Mall that draws huge crowds every night.

But noooooooooooo …… simply because I’m XXXtra lazy and have no wish to be sandwiched between those XXXtra joyous crowds.

But you may ask, what’s up with all the XXX? Ahhhh...
Xtra merry one : Because Christmas Holiday coming
Xtra merry two : Because New Year Holiday is next
Xtra merry three : Because most of the people will be heading off for longer holidays soon. Meaning, work slowing down soon =)

Hence it’s XXXtra pleasurable for me to kick off my shoes, turn down the lights and simply indulge over a smoothing cuppa of warm, aromatic & foamy Teh Tarik.

TEH TARIK(or Tea Pulling literally) is a popular street style Indian Milk Tea in Singapore & Malaysia. Strong Ceylonese (I think sometimes Assam are used as well) black tea are used to brew thick flavorful tea. Condensed Milk are added to tea. With 2 mugs / large cups, The Teh Tarik master will “pull” the tea to & fro the mugs to create a smooth, rich & foamy milk tea as you see in the banner.

So whatever pleasures you desires, wish you have a XXXrta happy & XXXciting holidays ahead.

p.s: I'll be XXXtra curious how many XXX google searches will hit my blog as well :D


Anonymous keiko said...

Your Dec banner looks great and Teh Tarik sounds fascinating! However, I must say that I'm not mad about Christmas...

6:17 AM  
Blogger slurp! said...

hi keiko,
It's christmas HOLIDAYS, I'm ONLY interested in the latter =)

2:00 AM  

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