Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ramblings: Home PC down :-(

Last night, while trying to install SCSI card for my scanner, my ethernet card decides to stop working. Even after reverting to original setup & reinstalling hardware & drivers et al ... it simply refuse to autoconfigure to right IP Address. While I'm trying hard to get it to work, it certainly doesn't help to have a mild fever "visitig" you at the same time ... arghhh ..

All my stuffs was on my home PC, I just couldn't do any furthur updates until the ocnnectivity issues got sorted out. Guess we both need some rest :(

Interestingly, the horoscope was right on advising not to make any changes while Mercury was retrograding from November 14 to December 3, I shouldn't have attempted the change during this period.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheer up...
Nevertheless, Life is beautiful.. isn't it ^-^


4:07 PM  
Blogger slurp! said...

Thanks Ryan! Appreciated that note :) Yes life is still beautiful amidst all those chaos.

Being near the end of year means more stuffs (work as well as personal) need to close before the start of new year.

Personally, that means annual bills, making new year resolutions, deciding where to go next year ... hmmm ... the last one sounds good :D

12:48 PM  

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