Friday, November 04, 2005

Travel: Langkawi's Pulau Dayang Bunting & hiatus again

We are having a "brief break" from Vietnam stories and i decide to add memories of my past travels

Langkawi - An island situated North-West of West Malaysia (Just off the coast of Kedah. Actually made up of 99 (small) islands which Pulau Langkawi being the largest.

That was a trip made in 2002, we went island hopping and Pulau Dayang Bunting was one of the island we visited. One of the key attraction was the Tasik Dayang Bunting (Lake of the Pregnant Maiden). This picturesque freshwater lake was separated from the sea by a thin shore line. It is believed that barren women who bath & drink from the lake will be able to conceive.

There are a few version of this folklore, I choose the shorter one :P
A lovely fairly princess who married an earthly prince. Their first child died shortly after birth. Deeply depressed, she buried her child in crystal clear watera of the lake. And before returning to celestial abode, she blessed the waters so that any childless maiden who bathed in the lake would concieve thereafter. -The end - Short & sweet huh? :)

That also partly explains how the Island & Lake got its name of "Pregnant Maiden". But if you are still unconvinced, check this out, was told it look like pregnant woman, hmm ... use a little of your imagination lah. :)

Whatever, the cool sparkling cystal clear water gives us instant respite after hours of island hopping. And "free foot massage" also available from the friendly "resident" (i.e Freshwater Catfish). Well, I think are actually biting but it feel more ticklish then pain hehehe ...

!!!WARNING!!! Some variant of catfish, especially saltwater/sea catfish are extremely poisonous. Please be very very sure before you plunge your feet into the water.

With that, gonna make another week of disppearing act again. See ya the following week!


Blogger eatzycath said...

great shot of dangling legs in catfish pool - but to up the excitement ante, you should have told us that those fishes were piranha... heehee!

1:17 AM  
Blogger slurp! said...

hahaha great idea! didn't know you so EVIL one leh hehehe ....

3:15 PM  
Blogger Katlyn said...

I found island hopping to be great fun and also the forest trek. I was at one of the budget Langkawi hotels Malaysia last month for a week’s holiday.

5:56 PM  

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