Monday, October 31, 2005

Banner: Ver 2.0 Roadside Trees

Picture this! A city with conrete jungles, mind-boggling roads, people & chaos. Now add well kept trees & plants along the roadside, softening the dull bureaucratic looking buildings. Gardens & Parks sprouting around the island providing people with much shade & relaxation. This was the brainchild of our former Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Today, we enjoyed lush greenery, beautiful flowering trees if one bother to slow down and "smell the flowers" along the way.

Banner Ver 2.0 shows Cassia fistula or commonly known as the Golden Shower Tree planted along the roadside, nearing its peak of flowering season. They bloom several times a year, producing drooping branches with clusters of bright yellow flowers that seems like showering down, and hence the name "Golden showers". At the end of flowering, long dark brown cylindrical pods appear on the branches. The barks, young leaves, seeds are used in traditional medicine around asia.

And if you are interested to know more about our greenery. It's gratifying to know that we have a bunch of young Green Culturers, very driven, ever keen to share their joys & knowledge in Gardening & Plants.

Do drop by and give support to their course :)
Green Culture Singapore


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