Thursday, October 27, 2005

Food: Cafe Van Xuan @ Vietnam, HCMC

I have just finished my Bun Oc (Snail Noodle, yes yes, will blog that later) and was about to walk to Bach Dang for my Ice Cream fixes. This distinctive building caught my eye.

Being a nature lover, I was very attracted to the copious amount of greenery used in their decor. While Cafe Van Xuan is not a ice cream parlour, I'm pretty sure ice cream are typically on the menu. Besiding being able to test ice cream from somewhere different, I could also indulged in the lush greenery as well as resting my tired legs. "So why not?" I asked myself.

Sadly, while the decor is great, the ice cream wasn't. Their Danlan Naomi (Price? 28000 dong) is basically 2 scoops (Vanilla & Chocolate) with various fruit toppings, chocolate sauce and wafer stick. The main issues was with the ice cream, they taste floury and the chocolate scoop wasn't chocolately rich as well.

Fortunately, their excellent Vietnamese Drip Iced Coffee (Ca Phe) @ 16000 dong makes up for everything. Vietnamese way of coffee extraction itself is pretty therapeutic to your senses. First you patiently wait for your coffee to be dripped into a cup prefilled with condensed milk.

Next you remove the drip and give the coffee& condensed milk a good stir. Smell your coffee before you pour into the ice glass provided. This smell of deliciously good caramel & cocoa, just like the Moka Coffee Beans.

And finally, relax, enjoy your cuppa while lazily watching the world go by :)

Next to this Cafe is yet another interesting building. Apparently it's a drinking pub. And what's so INTERESTING is that they got transparent flooring. WOW! I wonder how short skirts, hot skirts will look like when standing on this flooring. Obviously I will be back in the night to see if I can capture any "beautiful moments" hehehe ... Watch this space :D


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are crazy about icecream... You have to go Italy to have von jelato (not sure the spelling..) I also want to try..


10:14 AM  
Blogger eatzycath said...

vietnamese drip coffee - for me, that's the real thingy.. btw, have u tried coffee from coffeebeans that are supposed to have been ingested by squirrels or some small creature and 'purged'? very curious to know!

2:08 AM  
Blogger slurp! said...

hehe ... shouldn't everybody be crazy over desserts?? Gelato, yes italian healthier version of ice cream. a bit costly to go italy just for that, we can find that in SG :)

ahhh ... either Civet or Weasel, not 'purged' but rather been fermented in their stomach. in fact, I did bought a pack of this special coffee from HCMC, however I waiting to finish my remaining moka coffee grinded poweder before opening this :)

9:19 PM  
Anonymous keiko said...

Hi Slurp - I've always wanted to try Vietnamese drip coffee - your gorgeous photos/description made me want it even more so! (and who doesn't love ice-cream? ;))

5:50 PM  

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