Friday, February 10, 2006

Food: CNY2006 Luncheon @ SG

Although this Obligatory Chinese New Year (CNY) Luncheon post was delayed, still it isn't too bad to post it now. Because on 12 Feb 2006, we have reached the great finale of CNY. The full moon is lovely tonight and many would have their final round of celebration.

As usual, we had our annual CNY luncheon & "lo-hei" session. "Lo-Hei" (Cantonese) means to grab yourself happiness, prosperity. In Singapore, traditionally, we will do this with dish called "Yu Sheng" (literally means raw fish) means abundance. Actually is a wonderful salad of vegetables, raw fish slices, small crispy crackers with plum sauce dressing.

Alantic Salmon Yu Sheng
This such a wonderful dish auspicious colors & textures. Every colors, every ingredients signify something which is auspicious. As with traditions, everytime a new ingredient is added to the plate, the waitress will have to say some auspicious greetings.

The ingredients are typically finely shredded daikon (white radish), carrot, red pepper (capsicum), fresh ginger, sweet pickled ginger, fresh chinese parsley,chopped peanuts, Toasted sesame seeds, pepper, five spice powder and much more. Here you see the raw slices of salmon been put on top, whether is it from Alantic or not, I really can't tell :D

Plum salad dressings was poured over.

And finally crispy bitesize chinese crackers. At this juncture, I will have to put aside my camera and getting ready for "lo-hei"!!! :D

All of us tossed as high as possible, as we mixed up and shouting "lo-hei" and auspicious greetings. The end results of the tossed. OK, gotta tuck-in! ;)

Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Abalone and Sea Treasures
I have gotta say that we don't have Sharkfin Fin often. For me, it's often once a year affair. Serve it with good red vinegar, this is breaming with seafood goodies.

Steamed Fillet of Sea Perch with Fried "Taiwan" Yellow Bean Paste

The steamed fillet is well done. What got me interested is the paste. Looked like sambal belachen sauce but it's not spicy & made from yellow bean. I'm not too sure how they done it, my wild guess will to have the Yellow bean coarsely mince & crispy fried before making it into this wonderful paste. The sandy / coarse textures goes very well with tender fish.

Braised Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber, Mushrooms, Dry Oyster, Black Moss and Garden Greens.

More seafood. Those black stuffs are black moss which is actually some kind of dried seafood. It's called "fa cai" (Mandarin) which make it sounds like making money, and there are alot of "fa cai" there. Got the idea?! :)

My plate

Yes, overflowing with Abundance!

Lotus Fried Rice with Chinese New Year Sausages and Preserved Meat

Hmmm ... interesting presentation, but I'm more interested in what goes inside the Lotus leaves.

Look messy, but the aroma alone going to entice your taste buds.

Well done! Very delicious. Don't ever judge anything by the looks. :)

Sweetened Almond Cream with Sesame Dumplings

Almond cream sweetness just right, smooth & tastybut would have prefer to be thicker.

The dumplings skin with thin skin & black sesame fillings was fanastic!

And with that, I gonna do that again once more :)


Blogger eatzycath said...

nian nian you yu to you!

3:29 PM  
Blogger Jaschocolate said...

Yummy pics.. where is the restaurant?

7:22 PM  
Anonymous keiko said...

Everything looks irresistible... great pictures, as always!

8:42 AM  
Blogger slurp! said...

hihi, free lunch is always yummy hahaha :)

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