Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Food: Fanny Ice Cream @ Vietnam, HCMC

Of the 3 ice cream parlours I tried while in Vietnam HCMC, I loved Fanny ice cream the most. Will blog about the other 2 later.
I have read about that igredients were all imported from France and follows traditional french fomula. With 3 branches located in Hanoi, HCMC & Hai Phong, have supplied their products to many reputable hotels & restuarant around Vietnam. You can read more about them from their Website

The ice cream that I blogged yesterday and this (Caramel ice cream topped with Meringue) are just some of their awesome ice cream products. Lovely to look at too!!!

Caramel ice cream enclosed in Meringue with soft caramel center (not shown) . And at 39000 dong (approx S$3.90), it doesn't hurts your pocket either :-)

I should also mentioned they serves a good variety of fanastic french crepes as well. This sugar crepes goes for 15000 dong (approx S$1.50). Delightfully soft with nice aroma.

Finally, comes complete with a french-like environment. Perfect! I was telling myself, if not for the unpredictable weather, I would certainly have my dessert fixes here everyday.

And since the location is away from the main streets, you are spared of disturbance from shoe shiners, postcard seller, beggars etc. However, I do have a minor gripe, not only I'm "popular" with taxis, cyclo, motobike. I'm also "popular" with kids -____-;;;

These cute kids were so restless, "teasing" me and only to settle down after their ice cream have arrived. phew ... finally, I can take photo peacefully hehehe ...

Ho Chí Minh :
29-31 Tôn That Thiep, Q.1Tel : (08) 8 211 633 - (08) 8 211 630

p.s: Do let me know if you need more detailed direction.


Blogger eatzycath said...

oh my, that is one sinful-looking plate of ice-cream.. a wonderful shot that is quickens the pulse..(i.e. mine)

12:20 AM  
Blogger slurp! said...

Hiya eatzycath,
Thanks for dropping by. hearsay that there offers for S$1 air ticket (one way of coz) to Vietnam. Maybe a quick visit there will calms them down. :)

1:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi There

Im leaving for HCMC Vietnam on a biz trip this cmg end Feb08. Im comfortable w comm via yahoo mail.
Hope u cud provide some guidelines.
Here's my address:

10:31 PM  
Blogger frg said...

I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream!

1:12 PM  

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