Monday, December 12, 2005

Ramblings: Let's live again!

Throttling through the throng, dodging past "professional" flyer distributors, I pass from shop to shop, collecting related price lists, headed Apple Center to "salivating" for a while at the MAC Mini before off to basement food court for a cuppa. hehehe ... nah, not about to made the switch yet. Been considering to add-on later.

Pouring through the price lists, I'm simply overwhelm by the choices available. From past single page pricelist to present 3 pages of doubleside pricelist!!! Even the printed font were very much reduced.

I was looking for SFF (Small Form Factor) barebone system which is basically consists of chassis, motherboard & Power supply. You just have to add your choice of CPU, Memories & other peripherals. While I'm prepared to pay a little more, it is unfortunate that better designed barebone are built with more costly configuration. Much more then I willing to pay.

I wanted something smaller then ATX (doesn't mind if it's bigger the SFF) with neat & simple design. So I threw away all the pricelist and start to wander mindless again from shop to shop. Thankfully, I found what I wanted. =)

As you can see from my hand-drawn illustrations. It's neat, cute, simple and it's BLACK!!!. Oops!!! perhaps my illustrations were a bit messy (just like my blog). So here the textual description.
Hidden behind those covers are
Top-Left : floppy
Top : DVD writer (add-on myself).
Middle :7-in-1 card reader, clock & radio display (yes, it comes with built-in radio although I doubt I will be using it much)
Bottom : Mic & radio, 2 X USB, 2 X 1394 (aka firewire)

There are more at the back. But I don't think it's nice to show the "backside", so just the textual description here hehehe ...
- 4 X USB
- Serial X 1 (Yes, I need for my GPS)
- Parallel X 1
- Gigabit LAN
- Mic + Speaker + Line-in
- VGA Port
- Game/MIDI Port

I think this is a better perspective with regards to its size. And oh, can't see all the ports as I forgot to turn on the flash, my apologises :P So I'm all ready to start posting more food photos now =)

On other stuffs, Glad that my Orchids are getting prettier & prettier each day ....


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