Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Food: Nibbles here & there @ Australia, Sydney

Just posting the rest of nibbles I photographed while I was in sydney.

First thing I have when I step out of the Sydney Airport, Krispy Kreme Doughnut.

Plain Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme with Raspberry fillings.
While nice, personally I find it a bit too sweet to my liking.

Pho Bo at Pho Pasteur (near chinatown). It was good when I tried few years back. But it turn out disappointing this time. The "fresh" basket of herbs weren't fresh. Soup was on salty side. I beginning to miss Pho24 in Vietnam now :(

I wanted the Fresh Spring rolls (Summer Rolls) but they ran out. So I decide on seafood spring roll which was not too bad. Crispy, prawns crunchy albeit a little oily.

Fugu anyone? :D Well, not actually my nibble but decide to include just for interest. Not too sure if this the same edible kind. This was fished out by 2 Korean families who were spenting their leisurely weekend break at Macquarie Point.

Their kids were so adorable, here one of them waving at me. Unfortunately, I forgot their email address. If by chance anybody knows them, please let them know I'm trying to email them their photos. Thanks!

Split Roast at Milsons Point. Serves lovely roast meats. Their kebabs that spiced with middle-east blend of spices was great as well.

Will love to try all, unfortunately I have only one stomach :(

Somewhere near North Sydney. Interesting twist to Vietnamese Cui Guon. Instead of prawns, they have raw/smoked salmon slices with chilli dipping sauce.

Again, North Sydney. This place have far more excellent choices of homey italian pasta & middle-east meals than City itself. This quick grab lunch is good turkish bread with Australia Brie, Turkey slices with plenty of fresh veggies in-between.

Going to try "serve" the Oysters before I go for my vacation.
Slurp! =)


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